Which is Better: Waxed or unwaxed Floss

You might have seen your Roseburg dentist use either waxed or unwaxed floss. But which one is more effective? Which one is better? Well, you’re about to find out, for this article will go into detail on the differences of each, and what they mean for your overall oral health.

The first, is that waxed floss has a coating that will make it much easier for the floss to go between teeth with spacing issues. If you use unwaxed, it’s not coated, thinner, and without flavoring. As for which is better than the other, it really depends on who you are as a person.

Essentially, the best one is the one that you will use. Use the one that you like the most and is the most comfortable for you to put in between your teeth. Get yourself a flavor you enjoy so that you like to do this. Ones that produce waxed floss will remove more plaque than unwaxed floss, but that’s up for debate, and really any floss will do. It matters more that you actually use it rather than just what type is better.

If you’re one that likes how it feels, definitely is a fan of a flavor and will motivate you to actually do this, you have teeth that aren’t as spaced apart, floss will break in between the teeth, or you’re a newbie trying to make flossing into a habit that works, then by all means, use waxed floss.

If you’re a person that want a thinner floss that’s easier to get around, don’t want any chemicals in your floss, have more crowded teeth, want a floss that won’t trigger nausea in the case of pregnancy, and if you don’t like the taste of waxed floss, especially after you use it, then you should consider getting unwaxed floss. Often, waxed floss can also interfere with food tastes, so if that’s a concern, it might be best to go unwaxed.

If you want to get a different type of floss that expands a bit more, you can get expanding floss. This is one that will grow bigger once it’s between teeth, which gives you a chance to get more plaque. Many Roseburg Oregon dentists will tell you if it works or not, but it might help if you want to get more of a stretch rather than just merely in between the teeth. These are typically coated with beeswax instead of plastic or Teflon like many other waxed flosses, which makes it more organic.

Now the one problem with waxed floss for some, is that they are covered in Teflon. Now, if you are worried about this, there are a few thirtieth not have it, but if you’re trying to minimize the contact with chemicals for health reasons, you should avoid this. If you don’t need the help that waxed floss gives you, it might not be smart to use a waxed floss.

Again, this is all up to you. If you don’t want to have chemicals all over the place that could be harmful, go with unwaxed floss such as expanding floss, for it will get more surface area. However, if you’ll actually use this stuff, not just avoid flossing, then use the waxed floss until you have the ability to actually use the unwaxed. Remember, some of us don’t like to floss period, and if a flavor will get you to do it, then by all means do it. but ultimately, the best floss that you should consider, the one that will work for you, is the one that you actually use. Flossing is more important than brushing, since it gets in between the teeth in order to get any plaque and other buildup. You will get more out of your oral health if you focus on flossing, and if you need something that will actually get you to do it, choose the one that will give you a reason to do it every single day. That’s ultimately what you want to go for, and in essence, that’s what every dentist will tell you when you’re trying to make a choice between one or the other.


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